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Season Recap


We will go over a couple of these things tomorrow – wanted to send this out today to everyone.

Season Recap

We have a great group of boys who are slowly turning into young men as they march on to middle school next year.  The coaches enjoyed working with all of them.  As a group they have good attitudes and gave great effort at practices and games.  They played hard and fought in every single game no matter the score or situation.  The coaches are proud of the way they hung in there and continued to work hard day in day out.  They were faced with adversity and learned a few life lessons about getting up when you are down and never quitting.

Five Team Goals – reviewed these with the players on Thursday

Next Season Expectations


Game Week News


I highly encourage all the players to start to work out now – it is easier once you get it started – here is what I would recommend

These will help them with any other sports and make sure they are prepared for the season

  • Push ups – start with what you can do and move up to doing 100 per day
  • Sit ups – start with 20 and then work your way up to 100 per day
  • Wall squats – feet a couple feet out from the wall – put your back on the wall and then lower until thighs are parallel with the ground – start by doing 15 seconds at a time and work up to doing it for a minute at a time for 5 times
  • Running – always good to have a good aerobic base for conditioning
  • Pull ups – start with just hanging from a bar – work up to doing 10 pull ups

Other Sports

  • I highly encourage players to play other sports in the off season – it keeps them active and also the cross training will transition over to football next season – I am not a believer in picking one sport and focusing on that year round – you see a lot of burnout with that
  • Winter – basketball, wrestling, indoor lacrosse, etc…
  • Spring – lacrosse, baseball, rugby, etc…

Thank you again for allowing us to coach your kids.  Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at the party.  We hope all players will return next season.


Quote of the Week

"The key is not the will to win... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important."

- Bobby Knight

Game film is available on the Schedule page.


From the Bleachers


The first few games for you boys have been tough but you have played hard and have showed a lot of heart. Each game you have learned and made improvement. More
by Ann Johnson